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"To this reviewer, the boys in Emerald Rose haven't just bent tradition -- they've contributed to it". -- Carl McColman, New Leaf Distributors

"What must have begun as a pagan garage band has matured into an accomplished ensemble...The future looks promising for this group."
-Tim Hoke, Green Man Review (www.greenmanreview.com)

"Blending Celtic styles with folk roots and strong pagan inclinations, the four gentlemen in Emerald Rose infuse a variety of songs, from jigs to rock covers, with an infectious, grounding stride....Emerald Rose's mix of traditional and original music is perhaps the band's most notable hallmark. Popular and festive, this American Celtic music makes fine company for Spring months - and beyond!" -MTB on Bending Tradition in NAPRA Review, www.napra.com

"With such song titles as 'Vampire Girl from [the Planet] Orn' and 'Never Underestimate (a Woman with the Goddess in her Eyes)', it's no surprise to learn theat Emerald Rose draws crowds at fantasy and science fiction conventions...you'll whoop and giggle, just like their live audience, through many of these numbers." -AB on Fire In The Head in NAPRA Review, www.napra.com

"Frankly, Emerald Rose rocks. The band (a standard four-piece of two guitars, bass, and drums, with a few arcane instrumental adds like bodhran and pennywhistle) is talented; they remind me a lot of Tempest, but where Tempest has occasionally sounded stilted or forced, Emerald Rose is relaxed, quick, and spontaneous. Isn't it nice to discover the exceptions? The rare live CD that doesn't suck. Far beyond that, in fact, it rocks, catching the infectious sound of Atlanta-based rockers Emerald Rose at their best, funniest, and most incendiary.
Emerald Rose - Fire In The Head Ranked # 4 Daily Vault - Top Ten CDs of 2002

"... The stuff just SINGS to me and reaches the core of my soul  - this music is GREAT, and this band, EMERALD ROSE, have got this stuff down!" - George Koumantzelis of AEOLIAN KID & TRUE AGE

"Emerald Rose is simply Celtic Diversity at its finest! " - Ronnie Dannelly, review at Celtic Cafe

"Theirs is a seamless blending of the traditional music I love with music which speaks to my spirituality. The CD I purchased from them at that event is a treasured possession...It is often hard to tell where the fresh arrangements of traditional music stop and the new compositions begin. Musically and lyrically the new material is very consistent with the tradtional songs which are the mainstay of any Celtic band." - Andi, from "Out of the Shadows" at www.daytonpagans.net/oots

Emerald Rose once again brings listeners their enthusiastic fusion of traditional Celtic and pro-pagan original music, and fans of their earlier self-titled release will be glad they have. On a serious note, one of the album's most powerful songs is "Freya Shakti," a chant honoring many aspects of the goddess. It is a moving tribute, and one likely to get their audience reaching for repeat play. There are a couple of covers -- some beautiful vocal harmonies on "Come by the Hills," for example. Yet the majority of the selections are composed by bandmembers Arthur Hinds and Larry Morris, with input from co-performers Brian Sullivan and Claude Gilbert as well. And the results are exuberant, entertaining, and fun. These guys rock Celtic. So for listeners who value Celtic music performed from a positive pagan viewpoint, Bending Tradition is highly recommended.

- Murrday Fisher, All Music Guide, review of "Bending Tradition"