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Gainesville, GA
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We have some sad news about the 2006 festival.

As much as we'd love to produce this event again this summer, our band's touring schedule and other factors just don't allow for the event planning and organizing time required. We're looking for ways to revive the festival in 2007, possibly with city or corporate sponsorship.

Our heartfelt apologies to all who have enjoyed this event for the last four years, and our profound thanks to those who have supported it and made it possible. This is a difficult decision for us, because it's become a popular and much-loved festival, and we treasure the friends we've made and the great times we've had. We'll be working hard to revive this festival in future years!

Press release follows:

For immediate release
March 18, 2006

For the last four years, Emerald Rose has sponsored and organized the North Georgia Celtic Festival in Gainesville, GA, bringing in both local and out-of-state performers, along with vendors and artists, SCA demonstrations, and other Celtic-theme entertainment. We've had a blast doing it, and somehow we've made it happen without the involvement of a major corporate sponsor or city funding!

This year we have some sad news. As some of you may have already heard through the grapevine, we'll be unable to put on the NGCF in 2006. The reasons for this are many and varied, but the single biggest factors are, of course, time and money. We've had some soul-searching discussions about this, and we simply can't do it this year without a corporate sponsor or financial support from the city.

Another major factor is the Emerald Rose touring schedule, which has (happily for us) become quite intense. With upcoming trips to New York, Ireland, and Germany this year, it leaves us precious little time for festival projects (not to mention time in the studio!) As much as we love the fantastic people and joyful energy of the NGCF, we just can't afford to take the three to four months of intense effort that NGCF requires.

We know we'll disappoint a lot of people with this news. We're still searching for ways to make this festival a continuing reality, and we've been in discussions with the City of Gainesville and the Tourism Bureau to look into ways to institutionalize this festival as a city-sponsored event. That's still a possibility, but there's not enough time to make that happen in 2006. With city ownership of the festival, it may become easier to secure one or more corporate sponsors and be able to fund and present the festival properly in 2007 and beyond. We'll keep you informed on developments on that front.

For this year, we're sorry we must take a "bye" on this event, and we'll miss it as much as you will. In the meantime, we hope you continue to support the local Celtic performers and artists in your area, and not just over the St. Patrick's weekend! Also note that in mid-May in Duluth will be the Atlanta Celtic Festival ( featuring Rathkeltair, a good opportunity to see some great bands perform; and do check out the Emerald Rose gigs page ( to see what we're up to locally and beyond!



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