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Emerald Rose: We Come From Monkeys!

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Logan's had the idea of writing this song for over fifteen years, but it never quite manifested. Larry & Logan collaborated on getting this one finished, with a lot of lines brainstormed and researched (thanks to Discover, National Geographic, and the venerable Jared Diamond for information) before being assembled into verses and bridge. [For you science purists, yes, we considered the title "We Come From Genetic Precursors To Monkeys" but it was rejected on artistic grounds.] The tune started out very David Byrne and evolved more towards a rock sound as we went along, with more of an art-rock bridge. It's much more straight-ahead rock and roll than our typical songs.

We find ourselves "defenders of evolution" more by accident than original intent. We never expected the subject to become this controversial again, after the resolution of the Scopes monkey trials. It turns out some people have a strong capacity to ignore solid evidence, established theory, and reason in favor of a perspective that makes them feel better. We, on the other hand, are scratching our vestigial head-hair in puzzlement, for what could be better than a theory that states that we are evolving on an upward spiral towards greater intelligence and connection to the Cosmic All? Perhaps we prefer to be considered Rising Monkeys rather than Fallen Angels. Anyway, whatever your own beliefs and opinions on the subject, we hope you enjoy our homage to the mighty monkey.