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photo by Fox Gradin

"...Enthusiastic fusion of traditional Celtic and original music...the
results are exhuberant, exciting and fun. These guys rock Celtic!"
- All Music Guide


North Georgia's EMERALD ROSE has been recording and performing for around 20 years, weaving their musical spell on audiences as diverse as Irish pubs and festivals, sci-fi conventions, and Hollywood cast parties! Blending vocal harmonies, Celtic and world music instrumentation, unique and diverse songwriting, rocking renditions of Irish and Scottish classics, and an energetic performance style, Emerald Rose entertains.

"Most helpful to this group is their great talent for generating so much original music, with hauntingly beautiful poetic lyrics and the knack for crafting a solid and fluid arrangement. They are tight, close and cohesive as a group, and their latest release represents their roles as musical veterans reaching for the path of musical legends." - Performer Magazine

Announcing our New LIVE CD:
"That Night In The Garden"
Click the cover to read more!


Our new single, "Clockwork Love" is a steampunk anthem about a mechanical man seeking his true love -- it's a little harder-edge rock than we typically put out. Check it out on CDBaby!

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NEWS UPDATES! We're getting ready for Dragon*Con in Atlanta, check our gigs page for our performance schedule!

We have a brand-new track in more of a steampunk style called "Clockwork Love" available through CDBaby, here's the link. If you'd like a free listen, you can check out the Emerald Rose Facebook page, where we have a version streaming through the music player.

We're working with the Academy Theater in Atlanta (Avondale Estates) to put on a big show on Saturday, October 30. Atlanta folks, put this one on your Samhain calendar! $15 day of show, or $13 advance tix through academytheater.org.

EMERALD ROSE CD's are available online! Click on a CD image below to find out more.