all lyrics (c) Emerald Rose 1998-2004 except where noted

Take Me Down (to Her Water)

A song about the love for water and its healing effect on the human spirit.

words and music by Arthur Hinds

you can see her, great mother ocean
lying placid under sunrise or whitecapped under storm
you will find her in that emotion
that arises in the shallows where she keeps you safe and warm
In her eyes the horizon distant where desire meets the sky
let arise the voice insistent, raise your hands to her and cry

take me down to her water
take me down to her water
take me down ... take me down
and let her fill me up

and you will see her, great goddess river
in a thousand flowing silver strands and each one bears her name
she is a shaper, she is a giver,
and if you ever touch that loving pulse, you never will be the same
reach out your hands and feel the flow and the cleansing on your skin
hear the ripple, its whispers know, of the stream that lies within


you can see her, great lake mother, she's a pool of living blue
you can sing of life to each other, she will teach the words to you
she's a song of love, she's a voice of life,
she's a refuge from heartache and strife
and when the angry world batters my soul,
there's only one way I can rebuild myself
find my center and fill up my life


ŠEmerald Rose

Arthur Hinds--vocals, guitar
Brian "Logan" Sullivan--vocals, guitar
Larry Morris--vocals, drums
Clyde Gilbert--bass

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