all lyrics (c) Emerald Rose 1998-2004 except where noted

Never Underestimate...

Let this be a warning to the unwary:  There are some women you just don't
want to cross!

words and music by Arthur Hinds

Well, I was ranting down the road in my pickup truck
Defending the faith and the land of the brave
Got a fish on the front, a cross on the dash
And a sticker on the back says "Jesus Saves"
I drove into the woods where I knew those heathen raged
I had to save them all from the dangers of the New Age

Bible-armored, I got out of my truck
A righteous man with many souls to win
I followed the sound of their wicked singing
Till I found them there, dancing in sin
I preached from the Book, exactly how it read
Till one jumped up, wagged her finger, and this is what she said:

Never underestimate a woman with the Goddess in her eyes
'Cause if you ever do, then surely you will get a big surprise
You'll find that she is positively practicing the Craft of the Wise
Never underestimate a woman with the Goddess in her eyes

Surrounded by these witches, my legs went into twitches
Before I knew it, I was dancing around
All that joyful singing set my heart to ringing
Filled to full with that magical sound
I jumped up in the air every time their drum went BANG
I chanted with them all, and this is what we sang:


I woke up in the morning flat on my back
Staring at my clothes in the top of a tree
I sat up in the clearing, head in my hands
Oh, my Lord, what's become of me?
On the tree was a note; it was writ in lipstick red
A shiver went through my heart when I saw what it said


Emerald Rose

Arthur Hinds--vocals, guitar
Brian "Logan" Sullivan--vocals, guitar
Larry Morris--vocals, congas
Clyde Gilbert--vocals, tambourine

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