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Maggie Lauder

Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.   And in eighteenth- and
nineteenth-century Scotland, sometimes a bagpipe was just a bagpipe.  Then
again, sometimes it wasn't....

(words by Francis Sempill, slightly translated into modern English by Kathryn Hinds; tune

Who would not be in love with bonnie Maggie Lauder?
A piper met her goin' to Fife and asked what people called her.
Right scornfully she answered him, "Begone you lazy beggar!
Jog on your way, you  blatherskate*!   My name is Maggie Lauder."

"Maggie," said he, "now by my bags I'm mighty pleased to see you.
"Sit down by me, my bonnie bird--I promise I won't touch you;
"For I'm a piper to my trade:  my name is Rob the Ranter.
"The lassies leap as they were daft when I blow up my chanter."

"Piper," said Meg, "have you your bags, and is your drone in order?
"If you be Rob, I've heard of you--you live upon the border.
"The lassies all, both far and near, have heard of Rob the Ranter.
"I'll shake my foot with right good will if you'll blow up your chanter!"

Then to his bags he flew with speed; about the drone he twisted.
Meg up and walloped o'er the green; for brawley** could she frisk it!
"Well done!" said he.  "Play up!" said she.  "Well bobbed!" said Rob the Ranter.
"It's worth my while to play, indeed, when I have such a dancer!"

"Well have you played your part," said Meg.  "Your cheeks are like the crimson.
"There's none in Scotland plays so well since we lost Habbie Simson.
"I've lived in Fife, both maid and wife, this ten years and a quarter.
"If you should come to Anster fair, look there for Maggie Lauder!"

[ * = blathering fool, blithering idiot, nonsensical chatterer ]
[ ** = finely, well, bravely ]

Brian "Logan" Sullivan--vocals, guitar
Larry Morris--vocals, pennywhistle
Arthur Hinds--vocals, bodhran, guitar
Clyde Gilbert--vocals

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