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Johnnie Cope

*A Scottish traditional tune about a Jacobite battle the Scots actually won! Not the most stout-hearted of generals, the venerable Mr. Cope reputedly fled at the terrifying sound of bagpipes. [Fiddle players occasionally comment that Cope was neither the first nor the last to flee at the sound...]

Cope sent a challenge from Dunbar
"Charlie, meet me an ye dare,
And I'll teach you the art of war
If you meet me in the morning."
Whe Charlie looked this letter upon
He drew his sword his scabbard from,
Said, "Follow me, my merry men,
We'll meet Johnnie Cope in the morning!"

Hey, Johnnie Cope, are you waking yet,
Are your drums a-beating yet?
If you were waking, I would wait
To gang to the coals in the morning.

Now Johnnie, be as good as your word
Come try your faith with fire and sword
And don't flee away like a frightened bird
That's chased from its nest in the morning
When Johnnie Cope he heard of this
He thought it would not be amiss
To have a horse in readiness
To flee away in the morning


Oh Johnnie, now get scamperin'
The Highland bagpipes make a din
It's best to sleep in your whole skin
It'll be a bloody morning.
When Johnnie Cope to Berwick came
The asked of him, "Where are your men?"
"The divil confound me gin I ken,
For I left them all in the morning."


Brian "Logan" Sullivan--vocals, guitar
Arthur Hinds--vocals, bodhran
Larry Morris--pennywhistle, vocals
Clyde Gilbert--vocals, bass

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