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Hills of America

Our first "total collaboration" effort as a band, this original speaks of the heartbreak and hope of the Celtic diaspora, and the dreams of coming to America.

Look away, look away to the hills of America
West of the sunset we're destined to roam
Look away, look away to the hills of America
Soon we will call them the sweet hills of home

Long have I lived in the land of my fathers
Working the soil that was passed down to me
Though famine and hardship could never defeat us
The crown took our land and our right to be free


I cannot look back as they weigh up the anchor
There's sorrow in parting but hope on the wind
In the eyes of my wife and the eyes of our people
Our courage rekindled, our journey begins


They say there's a land to the west of the sunset
Where the hills are like emeralds and the streams run with gold
Where a man's hope and sweat can earn him his vision
No child cries in hunger or dies from the cold


Brian "Logan" Sullivan--vocals, guitar
Arthur Hinds--vocals, guitar
Larry Morris--pennywhistle, vocals
Clyde Gilbert--vocals
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