all lyrics (c) Emerald Rose 1998-2004 except where noted

Fire In The Head

Fire in the head...I'm a flame in motion
Fire in the head...I'm a sword that's sharp
Fire in the head...I'm a drop in the ocean
A shield in battle and a string in a harp.
Fire in the head...I'm an eagle soaring
Fire in the head...I'm a spoken word
Fire in the head...I'm a torrent pouring
A grain of wheat and a cauldron stirred.
Fire in the head!

Wee Jack's rhymes are sly and hinting
Wrapped in bull skin banging a drum
Wee Jack's looking, one-eyed squinting
Hoppin' on one leg, sucking his thumb
The black sow's chasin' me round the oak tree
Humming a tune that I must learn
The black sow's call to feast awoke me
But oh her cauldron spits and burns


Mad May shakes her bells to ringing
Rides through the door and disappears
Mad May's laughing, asking, singing
Does anyone have ears that hear?
The raven sat in a creek and pondered
Why the alder tree is strong
The raven's head flew off wnd wandered
Singing stories and telling songs


Arthur Hinds--vocals, bodhran
Brian "Logan" Sullivan--vocals, guitar
Larry Morris--pennywhistle, vocals
Clyde Gilbert--bass
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