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Dance Till the Moon Goes Down

© 2014 Emerald Rose
Lyrics: Arthur Hinds

Brightly She shines through the running clouds
Mystic Moon of mine and yours
Her fullness brims -flowing over the shroud
Rainbow ringed, a dream she pours

Taking hands, we dance the nocturnal
Rising voices-yours and mine
Temporary becomes the  Eternal
Dappled light  paints all Divine

Take my hand and dance in the circle
Take my hand and dance with me now
Take my hand, and around,
with a lunar crown,
And we’ll dance til the moon goes down
Dance til the moon goes down

Strongly She sings to the well tuned soul
primal chants  for all and ours
 In raising  we praise, becoming the whole
Increase, release borrowed power

and after, we drift in a vision willed
Mystic Earth of ours and Theirs
absorb our thanks -intent distilled
Til next we sing  a Moon kissed air

Arthur Hinds--vocals, percussion
Brian "Logan" Sullivan--guitars, vocals
Larry Morris --vocals, percussion
Clyde Gilbert-- vocals, bass

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