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Dagger of the Moon

Arthur is told that this is one of his more obscure lyrics and that it's a little
unsettling to some people.  It's about transformative experience and the
challenges that are always present therein.  Transformation can be scary.....

words and music by Arthur Hinds

Is there a song that invests the stone
Of cavern and spring and mound
With its cadence in starlight
The blistered palm holding its tune

And would you still stand
Ear cocked, alone
With the baying of blood-eared hounds
Suffer facing the serpent's bite
And the dagger of the moon

Sing the heart of water
Shape the dun clay
See the fire
Think on the wind
Spread your wings and fly
Let the mirror call you
Touch her doorway
And know desire
But open it not
Lest you surely die

Come hear the craft of the cauldron crone
And dance in his secret round
On cloven step, the circle spoke
On salted sands and tidal runes

And hear you a song the enchants the stone
Of dolmen and ringèd mound
Beyond the cloth of astral smoke
Without the strident clockwright's tune
Open your eye and then invoke
The dagger of the moon

© Emerald Rose

Arthur Hinds-- vocals,guitar
Larry Morris-- pennywhistle

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