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(Note: lyrics highly variable in nature, dependent on Larry's current state of lunacy.)

(Note also: no intention exists within this song to demean or profane, in any way, the marvellous and rich spiritual ancestral traditions of the fine people of Cymru, as codified in the Mabinogi and other sacred texts from ancient days. Likewise, we mean no insult or disrespect to the fine musical traditions of Texas, the refined science of chicken farming, good ol' boys, the fine automobiles made by Cadillac Motors, Mary Kay Cosmetics, mushrooms of any sort, the warfare traditions of the ancient Celts, or the June Bug, a presumably Useful creature in its own right. Product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies.)

Well, Gwydion got the pigs but I went after chickens
Went down to Dyvyd to do some butt-kickin'
That good 'ol boy Pryderi, he met me at the door, said
"Yer lookin' just a sneaky as ya did that time before, buddy"

So I said I'm after chickens and the man looks dismayed, said
"I can't just give 'em to ya...ya know, we gotta trade"
I had to give him somthin'...I knew it for a fact
So I took a buncha mushrooms, turned 'em into Cadillacs

It was the Chicken Raid...the Chicken Raid of Cymru
We ain't gonna plead, we ain't gonna beg
Just give us all yer chickens and yer biig goldwn EGGGS.

Now the magic wears off...and they're all drivin' spores now
Pryderi comes in and says "Boys this means WAR now"
Pretty soon we got the whole army on our tails
And we're chasin' chickens over hills 'n dales...

So we're chasin' our chickens across this little stream now
When from behind us we hear this BLOOD CURDLIN SCREAM now
Turned around to see a buncha Celtic lads
And they're. All painted blue. And they're lookin. Real Mad.

It was the Chicken Raid...

So we each grab a chicken and we turn to attack
With our feared battle cry: BEGONE!! (bkaaaak)
Lucky for us, the reinforcements come
And we fight a big war. Which we finally won. (whew)

[insert variable colorful anecdotal description]

So we went back to the King but he wasn't real pleased
Seems his favorite maiden had a social disease
We tried to blame the rooster, but he was not amused
He turned us into June Bugs. And let them chickens loose.

It was the Chicken Raid...

Brian (Logan) Sullivan: lead guitar, vocals
Arthur Hinds: rhythm guitar
Clyde Gilbert: bass
Larry Morris: madness

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