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Call Me Home

This song came to Arthur almost whole, in a flood of inspiration.  He
brought it to the rest of the guys, and together they finished and polished
it. "Call Me Home" is fired by the band's shared yearning to someday return
to  Erin, Alba, and Cymru, the lands of their Irish, Scottish, and Welsh
ancestors.   May it give voice and hope to all who long to reconnect with
their ancestral and spiritual homelands. 

(words and music by Arthur Hinds)

I was born in America, I was
And this land has always been a friend to me
But in my soul there is a yearning
An ember fanned to burning
From a spark that flew from far across the sea

Every year, ever louder grows the song
Every time the pipes or bodhran start to play
In my heart there is a singing
Ever closer to me bringing
The day when I'll no longer stay away

You call me home, Mother, bring me home
Let me stand on Erin's emerald shore
Let the wild winds of Alba blow and fill me with their lore
Let the sacred wells of Cymru flow and cleanse my spirit's core
You call me home, Mother, bring me home

Though I've never stood upon the mound of Tara
Or run my fingers on the stones of Salisbury
In my bones there is a thrumming
Like a secret drone that's humming
And calling me into their mysteries

In the dawn I imagine that I hear them
Ancient tongues, ancient words in an ancient song
In my mind I dream they've found me
The old ones circle round me
And play a tune that bids me sing along


ŠEmerald Rose

Arthur Hinds--vocals
Larry Morris--pennywhistle
Brian "Logan" Sullivan--guitar, vocals

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