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The Celtic Collection: Celtic Crescent (2003)


New and old tunes containing themes that resonate with the Celtic lands.

This CD was produced during 2002 at Starbridge Studios. We had originally envisioned this CD to be strictly a re-release of songs from our previous CD's, providing a collection of songs that would fit the "Celtic" market and have a very broad appeal. As we worked on it, however, we realized we had some new material that really belonged on the CD; specifically, our bluesy version of "Loch Lomond" and the upbeat take on the classic "Wild Mountain Thyme". In addition, the recordings of the jig set (Scatter the Mud/Tar Road to Sligo/Paddy Clancy's) and the reel set (Round the World for Sport/The Otter's Nest) from our first CD just weren't acceptable for re-release, and we spent some time to re-record these in the studio. We also include a recording of our original "World's Wedding" from a live show on WMNF radio down in Tampa, Florida.

We're very pleased with the result! We hope you will be too. While the songs still cover a broad range of styles, and include studio and live cuts, the overall collection is more theme-focused and unified. The knotwork "crescent" art by Kathleen Hayward makes a bold, colorful cover, and is reproduced in metallic watermark on the CD itself, making a very nice effect.

You can now order this CD direct, using our secure e-commerce site! Only $13 plus shipping!

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1. Drowsy Maggie/Morning Invention/Green Groves of Erin
2. Loch Lomond
3. World's Wedding
4. Green Hills of Garland/Gallagher Lass/Ferret's Nose
5. Wild Mountain Thyme
6. Round the World for Sport/The Otter's Nest
7. Fire In The Head
8. Hills of America
9. Scatter the Mud/Tar Road to Sligo/Paddy Clancy's
10. Star Of The County Down
11. Call Me Home
12. Maggie Lauder
13. Unfinished Business
14. Donald McGillivray