Vulcan Rubdown © 2007 Emerald Rose

Well now I'm a fan of that new Star Trek and the good ship Enterprise
and I'm rather fond of that Vulcan lass, those ears, those lips, those eyes
but when ratings slip, they shoot from the hip, inspiring my new ditty
the writers reach for the tried-and-true gratuitous semi-nudity!

Oh T'pol, won't you rub me down with disinfectant gel
We'll strip down to our skivvies until we both look swell
You rub mine and I'll rub yours and I swear I'll never tell
Oh T'pol, won't you rub me down with disinfectant gel

Now if I were crew on the Enterprise I'd wear big black shiny boots
and since she is an officer I'd stand stiff and salute!
I'd dream we're back from shore leave, from freedom and vacation
When Doctor Phlox says that magic word, "Decontamination!"


So slick...what a move...what a chick...

decontam...what fun...o damn...we're done...

what a date you are...I can't wait for Pon Farr!


Lyrics and tune by Arthur Hinds
Arrangement Emerald Rose

Arthur Hinds -- vocal, percussion
Brian Sullivan -- vocal, guitars
Larry Morris -- vocal
Clyde Gilbert -- vocal, bass

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