Fairies Stole My Keys © 2007 Emerald Rose

I woke up Monday morning, a very special day
I had myself an interview -- honest work for honest pay
I walked to my Toyota, as handsome as you please
and found within to my chagrin the fairies stole my keys!

I'd seen them in the kitchen, and all around the floor
They kept a nice apartment just behind the kitchen door
I thundered and I rumbled, I ranted and I screamed
I swear I heard their laughter when the fairies stole my keys

Never try to tell me that fairies don't exist
I've seen them in the forest and playing in the mist
And if you disrespect them, they'll bring you to your knees
I swear I learned my lesson when the fairies stole my keys

I left them on the table like every other day
There's plenty other shiny things that they could take away
Why must they mess with my success and threaten my career
And when I listen closely, what's that jingle that I hear?

I left them cream and butter, I left them copper too
I left them gold and silver, but they never fixed my shoes
No matter how I begged them, they just ignored my pleas
No mercy from the Little Folk, the fairies stole my keys!


I guess I really owe them one, I never got the job
I started playing music in the coffeeshops and pubs
I've travelled all around the world and lived a life of ease
Since one time, for a little while, the fairies stole my keys!


Lyrics by Brian Sullivan & Larry Morris
Tune by Brian Sullivan
Arrangement Emerald Rose

Brian Sullivan -- vocal, guitars, mandola
Arthur Hinds -- vocal, bodhran, percussion
Larry Morris -- whistle
Clyde Gilbert -- bass

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