Danny In The Jar © 2007 Emerald Rose

Oh Danny Boy o Danny, the pipes they are a-callin'
From glen to glen and down the mountainside we are a-fallin'
The summer's gone away, and all the flowers dyin'
'Tis you must go and I must bide, then to the pub I'm flyin'

Misha rum wack-a-do wack-a-day
Wack for the whisky o
Wack for the whisky o
There's Danny in the jar!

But if ye should come back, when summer's in the meadow
We'll drink a pint o' Guinness here in sunshine or in shadow
So find where I am lyin', and tell me that ye love me
Then pour a glass of whisky on that grave where ye have shoved me


And when I'm dead & rotten and flowers grow above me
Remember all the beer I drank and everyone who loved me
You'll say an Ave for me, the afterlife is risky
We're drinkin' holy water 'cause the Devil took the whisky!


There's a black velvet band on that green alligator
and McNamara's Band is playin' at the Dun Cow later
The Wild Colonial Boy gave ol' Finnegan's Wake a tussle
and Molly can't stop ravin' 'bout her cockles and her mussels


Traditional Celtic
Add'l lyrics by Larry Morris & Brian Sullivan
Arrangement Emerald Rose

Brian Sullivan -- vocal, guitars
Arthur Hinds -- vocal, percussion
Larry Morris -- vocal, whistle
Clyde Gilbert -- bass

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